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Often times it seems like no one is listening, and if they are it is so they can have their turn to talk, when all you want is to be heard.  Sometimes having one person who will listen can make all the difference in the world. Being a teen is a truly trying experience, that often times leaves you feeling unheard, unvalued, and overwhelmed. At Willow Therapy we provide a safe, engaging place, where you can talk and be heard, in turn making being a teen a little easier. Come give us a try, we are ready and willing to listen.  

About Me

Candice Berger

B.S. /  MAC /  LPC / NCC

I am Colorado Native, and have lived in the Teller County area for going on 20 years and absolutely love it. I earned my Masters of Counseling Degree from Regis University and am currently working with adolescents and teens helping them discover who it is they want to be in life. I enjoy horseback riding, camping, ATV's, dirt bikes, music and my Dog's. I believe in using Experiential, Gestalt and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy in my practice because I have found they can be truly beneficial in assisting individuals in lasting change. So that is my story, want to talk about yours?

Our Offerings

Individual and group therapy for teens and adolescents. 

Our Mission

To provide a safe place to be heard.

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